safety bands for kids with feeding tubes

Teagan's Tubie Bands

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This is an example of using a button around the babies tubie site/extension with her tubie band waiting to be secured.

This shows the tubie band in place waiting to be closed. The slit allows the extension tubing to be pulled through and secured by the velcro tab. We circle the tube around 1-2 times so that if it gets pulled on by accident it will hold it tight so it cannot be pulled out of her body. 

 This picture shows the tubie band completely closed. The band comes from the back around the left side and closes with velcro on the right side. There are 2 velcro strips to make the band tighter or looser. This holds everything in place.

This is an example of an outfit that was altered to fit a feeding tube through. I would be happy to do this for any outfit for a small cost. A lot of time it's hard to find warm pjs that don't zip and this would be good for that. 

This shows the baby all dressed up with her tubie coming out of her outfit and hooked up to her back pack .